What do You Want?

Seriously… What do you WANT?

This burning question remains unanswered by the vast majority of us on the planet.  We all know what we don’t want… right?  But when is the last time you sat down and focused your thoughts on who you wanted to be, what you wanted to experience and how you’d be remembered.

Probably been a while eh?  Yeah… me too.

It’s a tough question and requires serious introspective thought.  If you’re anything like me… you’ve avoided the question far too long.  Oh sure… from time to time I’ve written down goals and set intentions at various stages of my life and enjoyed successes as a result.

But it always seemed something was missing…

So I started digging into how to continue expanding my life. During my search I discovered the
Master Key Master Mind Alliance and was accepted for a 6 month study scholarship.

Clarity, Focus and Commitment

What I wanted to experience for this chapter of my life has been elusive for the past couple of years. So I was thrilled to get my application accepted and get to work on clarity and focus.

I decided to make a commitment for 26 weeks to work with an MKMMA Scholarship mentor to define my definite main purpose in life.  My intent is to become a self-directed thinker by shedding all the concrete crud that’s been piled on over the years.  I can’t believe I just said that… but it’s the truth.

My accountability includes writing a weekly blog post to share my reflections from each lesson. Hence the name of my blog – Master Key Musings. Week #1 will be posted by September 30/15.

You too can benefit by signing up to my Master Key Musings updates.  And I’d love to see your comments as I share my thoughts and progress on finding out what I really want.
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Dennis Goff

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