Play it Again – Once More With Feeling!

Play it Again, Dennis – Once More With Feeling!  

Or more accurately – Play it Again with MORE feeling!

One year ago I embarked on a journey with the Master Key Master Mind Alliance. Many others had told me it was the hardest thing they had ever done and the best thing they had ever done for themselves.

Before I decided to make the six month commitment I listened to a multitude of voices parroting, “life-changing” experience and “nothing  like it” and similar comments about their MKE.

And I initially thought – yah, right – where have I heard that before?

However I was in for a big surprise…

My scepticism rapidly turned to wonderment in the first few weeks of the course and I was rewarded with an unexpected outcome.  Over the 6 month timeframe I gained an overflowing treasure chest of new tools & skills to accelerate and amplify my success on whatever path I chose and uncover a previously unexplored spiritual consciousness. 

And attending the MKE retreat in July kicked my awareness up to an even higher new level!

Master Key Retreat Adventures

Life changing?  Yes – partly because of the dozen or more new friends Nicki and I were honoured to bond with during our adventures on the beautiful island of Kauai.  This mastermind retreat was the crowning touch to the course and we were both deeply moved with the heartfelt new relationships we shared. 

The Master Key Experience Live Event in Kauai…

Both of us agreed – there truly is nothing like it. The event and the 6 month course catapult you into an extremely elevated level of consciousness. Nicki had observed my six months and now met dozens of the MKE event attendees, loved what she experienced and wanted to get into the same groove.  And she did!

Nicki applied and was awarded an MKE scholarship for the 2016-17 session.  

Watching her excitement rise and listening to her plan her Definite Main Purpose was awe inspiring enough for me to imagine the power we could leverage if we BOTH work on this together!  So I decided work through the course again with her this year.

With MORE Feeling This Time, Maestro!

Pondering the impact this will have when I dig deeper with the new awareness I now possess… I am confident I can amplify my results tenfold – but only if I apply the knowledge. Yes, it takes persistence, focus and a powerful purpose to keep the train on the track.  I am confident I can do that too.

I know this…

When more emotion is added and I stick closer to the plan for my new blueprint I can accelerate my success. When I get deeper into the game of life and let my light shine brightly to inspire others to expand to their true potential and live their best life too – then my fulfillment will be soooooo rewarding.

Can you even imagine the energy that will be projected?  I can – makes me shiver to think about it!

We’re now one week in and it’s inspiring and exciting for both of us to embrace and truly “live” the experience.  Masterminding with the certified guides and our new friends from the retreat will make this a year to be remembered for sure!

My Carryover From Last Year

As I started the course this week I remember:

  1. Wisdom is in the uncertainty – power through the abyss – slay the dragons of fear and light the path for others.
  2. Be more child-like, less reserved and open to what’s possible – DREAM without limitation.
  3. Write the script for my own new movie with MY pen in my words – forget copying.
  4. Be a slave to good habits – it’s the difference between failure and success!
  5. Build a plan of action to follow with confidence and persistence.
  6. Crystallize my Definite Main Purpose!
  7. Be true to the Guy in the Glass.

With these 7 critical keys in my back pocket – I’m off and running…

A Special Gift for You

In Nicki’s first post, a required part of the course, she references a book by Steven Pressfield ‘The War of Art’.  When I read the book a couple of years ago, I was surprised to discover the “mother of all fears” is the fear of success.  And ever since that time my favourite poem has been “Our Deepest Fear” by Marianne Williamson.

Comfort ZoneToday I added it to my daily readings during the Golden Hour (6 AM to 7 AM) because it reminds me shine my light on the world to inspire others to do the same.

You can download a free PDF I created for you so you can share it with your friends and family.


’til next time…

Dennis Goff



Love ya to share…


  • Thank you, thank you, thank you Dennis! What an inspired idea to add that beautiful poem to your Golden Hour. With your Divine Mastermind there is nothing you and Nicki cannot do 🙂 I’m so glad to find that those I love and learn from and admire are still with me on this journey. Yes, always with more enthusiasm and gusto, it’s the secret sauce.

    • Dennis says:

      Wow! Natalie, what a delightful way to start my day with a comment from you like this! I am happy you enjoyed the poem. I hope you visit more often and I’ll take a peak at your website this week to see your progress. Make it a fantastic year!

  • Great insights and lessons learned Dennis. The beneficial effects of round 2 for you will be exponential. And travelling this road with Nicki will be awesome.

    • Dennis says:

      Terry, you have been a great mastermind partner for this course and for the past several years. I agree – working thru the course with Nicki will be a blast and highly enlightening to hear her perspective on MKE.

  • Consuelo says:

    Dennis, LOVE your blog. WOW. So professional. Were you blogging BEFORE MKMMA?

    • Dennis says:

      Thank you, Consuelo! I appreciate your compliment. This was my first regular blogging experience and it was challenging. However – for the past 5 years I learned a ton of helpful skills in WordPress… so now consider myself an authority on creating beautiful responsive Websites That Work for home business owners. And it’s fun too!

  • Claes says:

    Hey, Dennis, it´s good to see You back – I love to follow Your continuous journey
    Honored and grateful to have met You and Nicki on Kauai I look forward to see You both again next year 😉
    And thank You for sharing that poem, it´s also one of my favorites!

    Mahalo, I appreciate You!

    Peace // Claes

    • Dennis says:

      Thank you, Claes! Glad you enjoyed the poem. We loved our time in Kauai with you and truly value your friendship. Looking forward to reading more about your adventures on – cheers!

  • woooooooo!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂
    and that picture is becoming legendary, a few centuries from here it will still be gazed at in awe! 😀
    (makes me smile every time I see it with SO much love and tenderness and joy it’s almost painful 🙂 )

    • Dennis says:

      Hahahaha – of course it is becoming legendary! Wasn’t that the intent? Makes me smile too… Thank you, Dominica, for adding value to my blog and my life experience.

  • Love ya to share...