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About Masterkey

Our Vision and Mission are synchronized in delivering the best real estate services and property development. Our Vision is to keep developing the best portfolio of real estate developments in Kolkata while we strive for the satisfaction or our clients, partners and colleagues.

Our corporate Mission is “to keep the dreams alive”. Having such a clear concept of business approach, our property development ensures our clients get a home, not just a construction.

With a focus on location and comfort, we offer our clients a combination of an ideal environment for property investment suitable both for income generation and self-living. We are constantly developing our organization faithfully to the core values we have since our early days.

Why Choose Us

Trust has been a key reason for our long-term presence and success.


Efficient bespoke customer service, high rental guarantee benefits and qualities that differentiate us from competition


We stick to our commitments, delivering the promises to our clients.

Social/Corporate Awareness

Our highly extended sales network allows us to respond efficiently to challenges and accurately interpret the emotions and the needs of our people.

Our Partners

The Companies That Represent Us.