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The Real Hero's Journey to Change the World Begins with You!


Think and Grow Rich: Fact or Fiction?
Think and Grow Rich has changed millions of live around the world. It's been a formula for success for many decades. If it is fact - and not fiction... there's #NothingLikeIt
How to Focus on Goals, Find True Happiness & Success – Without Going to Jail
Insecure about success? You're not alone. Millions admit failure to focus on goals with a definite plan has led to self-doubt, fear and failure. Learn a lesson from a notorious bad ass and find true happiness and success without going to jail...
Plug in to Positive Thinking to Transform Self Confidence
When you plug in to a strong current of positive thinking like the MKMMA your self confidence skyrockets to exciting new heights almost effortlessly. The result is - bold new adventures seem to appear out of the mist...
Master Key Week 24 – How to Achieve the Most with the Law of Least Effort
The Law of Least Effort is unknown to most but you now have the chance to tap into this hidden power to achieve whatever you desire effortlessly. Think you're up for the challenge?
Master Key Week 23 – How to Win Big with a Positive Mental Attitude
Find out how a positive mental attitude will help you win big with new friends and attract new business partners easily once you master these keys...
Master Key Week 22a – Where’s Waldo?
Where's Waldo? Both Emerson and Hanford add value to my Master Key Experience this week. Keeping the lighter side of a challenging study always helps me stay on course and gives the guy in the glass a chuckle...

Meet the Real Me 

dennis goff

My online entrepreneurial adventures began suddenly in 2009 when I escaped from the corporate jungle and moved to Vancouver Island from a big city on the prairies. This personal blog is my online journal to share reflections during the 6 month course with the Master Key Experience and my hero's journey...

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